Crow Armbrust of Trails of Cold Steel is formerly one of Class VII's students along with Millium Orion. He meets Rean on the way to the Student Union building, just when Rean is about to obtain the student handbooks for his classmates.

His attitude is somewhat of a wildcard, as no one knows what he's thinking. On one hand, he can act as if he's friends with Rean's team, but yet on the other hand, he can act all on his own. This' what drove him mad and why he led the organization known as the Imperial Liberation Front.


During the early parts of Cold Steel, he acts to be a part of Rean's team. But in reality, it's nothing more of a ruse. So as to cover his true nature as the enigmatic C. The man clad in a black and red mask, sporting a black cape. His real motive for joining Thors was due to being a spy for the Liberation Front.


Trails of Cold Steel

His true motive become clear when he invades Heimdallr and he assassinates Chancellor Osborne, known as the "Blood and Iron Chancellor". Claire tries to stop him, but to no avail.

He pilots Ordine, the Azure Knight mech. As compared to his opponent: Rean Schwarzer, which pilots Valimar, the white knight.

Trails of Cold Steel 2

Vita joins him in battle making it for one tough fight, after that. We see him in his Azure Knight mech facing-off with Rean and another selected teammate of Class VII. Later on, he joins Rean's in one final battle against a mech entity that Olivert Lanheim's younger brother pilots. In the end, he gets sacrificed as one of the mech's weapons pierce Ordine and hits Crow's vital organs.

Following the battle, Emma tries to resuscitate him. But to no avail. In the final battle in the new Shadow trial. Players can regain him as a Phantom Mirror for 200,000 Mira. Replacing the character and their quartz with the new character and their quartz.