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Crow is the Main antagonist in Def Jam Fight for NY, his goal was to take over all of his Rival D-Mob's territory for himself, D-Mob's number one guy the main protagonist fought through Crow's places to regain lost ground, Crow went for dirty tactics by kidnapping The Protagonist girlfriend leading him to a fight with former D-Mob enforcer Sticky Fingaz in a burning building to save to her however he was too late in saving her as she died due to smoke axpiciation, he would than take the fight to Crow D-Mob's crew fighting Crow's crew leading to a last stand in Crow's office on the top floor were Crow would stab a distracted Hero leading to a scuffle leading to the hero throwing Crow out of the window to his death, Crow is voiced by and designed after Rapper Snoop Dogg.

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