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You know you guys are? You're nothing but a bunch of sleazy con men in red suits (Mall Santa: What did you call us?) You heard me right. Con men. Thieves, degenerates, low-lifes, thugs, Criminals!
~ Howard Langston telling all the Crooked Santas who they really are.
I'm gonna deck your halls Bub!
~ Huge Santa
The Crooked Santas are an organization of con men in Santa outfits in the movie Jingle All The Way.  They run a warehouse where counterfeit toys are made and sold for much more than they are worth.

Howard Langston, the main protagonist of the movie, encounters them during his desperate search for a Turbo Man doll.  One of the Santas, played by James Belushi, tries to sell him a doll for $300, but it turns out to be a poor facsimille.  Since they refused to give Howard his money back after they gave him the Turbo Man doll with Spanish language, Howard insults the leader after telling all the Mall Santas that they are nothing but sleazy con men in red suits and fires his fake beard into his face sending him flying. Then an all-out brawl ensues, and when the police arrive, Howard uses a toy badge to pose as an undercover cop to avoid trouble with them, while the Santas are taken to prison.



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