Cronus is the main antagonist of the video game Rock of Ages - based upon the Greek myth of Sisyphus with Python-esque artwork and surreal comedy that parodies many popular culture media.

The story begins with Cronus forcing Sisyphus to continually carry a large boulder up a hill, only for demonic imps to prod Sisyphus - causing him to drop the boulder, at which point Cronus orders him to carry the boulder up the hill again.

Sisyphus has enough of this torment and rebels against Cronus, using the boulder to travel across time as he battles historical figures of both real-world history and legend - as well as several bosses that are of a more fantastical design.

Ultimately Cronus confronts Sisyphus in person, transforming into Saturn and engaging in a final battle - after which Sisyphus apparently defeats the god and earns his freedom.