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Hello, Zeeba Neighba
~ A catchphrase that members of Zeeba Zeeba Eata (ZZE) says to Zebra throughout the strip

The Crocs are the main antagonists in Pearls Before Swine. The Crocs are the neighbors of Zebra, whom they try on many occassions to devour, but fail because of their stupidity. They speak in a Russian-like accent called Croc-ese and are a part of a group called Zeeba Zeeba Eata (ZZE). Mostly, some Crocs are killed and are replaced and do succeed in killing an animal or person like the Naked Boy from the "Love Is" comics and a cousin of Zebra. They pronouce certain words like kill as "keel" or censorship as "censorsheep" The female Crocs and Larry's son seem to speak at a normal English level.


  • There is an intelligent croc that speaks normally and functions at genius level, but lacks enough common sense to help kill zebra.
  • The crocs display some level of intelligence, such as standing up-right, speaking a doped down English, and being able to get a job in some areas.

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