Crismus Bonus (Phonus Bholonus in animated film) was a Centurion from Gochiny's and Underzo first comic, Asterix the Gaul. In the comic (and animated film) Crismus Bonus wants to steal the secret of the magic potion so he can overthrow Julius Cezar.


The Romans conquered almost all Gual, except one small village. The inhabits of that village have supehuman strength, and in every fight with Romans, they in samll numbers beat up large Romans legions.

Centurion Crsmus Bonus send a spy masked in captured Gaul.The spy returns and informs Centurion that Gauls have their supehuman strentght by drinking potion, that is made by certain Druid Getafix.

The evil Centurion figures out, that Druid needs ingreediants for potion, so he sends his men to capture him in forest, by using pit and fishing net.

When they capture Druid, they bring him to fortification, Centurion ask Druid about the secret recepe. Druid refuses to give the secret, so Centurion calls torturo to make Druid talk. The tortruor tortures Druid by tickling his feet with feather for un hours, but Druid doesn't give any ordinary reaction, and still refuses to talk.

Meanwhile, in the village, main protagonist Asterix is woried why Druid isn't coming back.He goes into woods to investigate, and finds out from poor Gaulish pesant with ox wagon, that Druid is captured.

Asterix fools pesant into riding him to Roman fortification. When night ocures, Asterix go to find Drid and finds out evil Centurions plan. He later find Druid tied in tent, and they make a plan to anoy Romans.

Romans find out about Asterix, and Asterix surender. The Centurion thinks, he can make Druid talk by torturing Asterix, and Asterix fake as if he suffer from torturing, that wasn't even started.

Druid plays along, and goes to make potion, but he trick Romans with hair groving potion. Romans have truble cuting their hairs and beards that are groving fast. Desperet, Crismus Bonus aks Druid to make an antidot.

Druid accept, and use opertunity to make strenghht potion for Asterix. Asterix defeats the Romans, and he and Druid are ready to run, but the reinforcment, with Julius Cesar arives.

The Cesar ask what happened, and Asterix explain. Cesar fealing generous free the Guals, and sends Crismus Bonus and his man in another corner of Empire to fight Barbarians.


Crismus Bonus was midlesized, chubby man with queeny nose, and gray hair(sugesting he was midleaged or at begining of older age). From atire, he wore Roman Centurion uniforme consisting of white tunic and red cloak.

Crismus Bonus was very greedy man, and also a traitor, making sentence for him self how he would get rid of his second in comand, who had helped him capture the Druid. He also was in certain situation short temper, easily geting into cry, when not everything was acordingt to plan. Hewas also a victim of Gaulish humor.