I am a crisis British Red Cross01:01

I am a crisis British Red Cross

"Crisis" is a symbolic being featured in an advert by the British Red Cross to raise awareness of how a major disaster can occur at any time, to anyone or thing - this is a tactic to try and raise support for humanitarian aid and get the public more involved in the organization's goals.

For the purpose of the advert Crisis is envisioned as a demonic entity similar to Satan/The Devil or other Abrahamic demons, who stalks the world and explicitly states she has no care who she harms and that sha can manifest in any shape or form she may desire.

Due to her status as an embodiment of all crisis (ranging from medical emergencies, house fires or war and genocide) she is not a traditional "villain" but is an antagonist force and a rare example of both a fictional force of evil as well as a very real presence.

Also due to the fact Crisis is the one talking in the advert she can be considered a type of Protagonist Villain as well as an obvious Harbinger.