Enough of the riddles, the ruckus, the rhymes. I committed those murders eleven straight times. Surprise. I'm the killer. I'm the one you've been looking for.
~ Cris to Kam when she confessed to "murdering" the contestants.

Cris Crotz is a former beauty queen. She was one of the contestants of the reality show, Whodunnit? and was selected by the production crew to be "the killer".

She was portrayed by herself.


  1. Sheri - killed with a slingshot
  2. Dontae - burned alive
  3. Adrianna - golf cart explosion
  4. Don - cyanide
  5. Ulysses - poisoned
  6. Sasha - blood drained
  7. Dana - blood drained
  8. Geno - shot
  9. Ronnie - poisoned by ricin
  10. Melina - strangled
  11. Lindsey - shot by an arrow


In the final showdown, Cris admitted to the show's winner, Kam that she "committed the murders". Cris was then handcuffed by Kam with golden cuffs and was "taken away by the cops".