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The Crimson Helm is a major antagonist in Okami.


The Crimson Helm is a Demonic cattle skeleton. He wears samurai armor and weilds two swords.


Crimson Helm's Past

Crimson Helm's past is somewhat vague. He believes to have been created by the blood of Orochi after Orochi lost one of his heads. He then waged war on the Taka Pass for 100 years. He eventually took over the guild shrine after he killed the ill Head Sage.


Crimson Helm fights with twin swords and uses fire-based attacks. As he gets damaged, Helm's armor falls apart until he reveals his true form, a demonic cattle skeleton engulfed in fire. After he's defeated by Okami, he refused to stay down. So Crimson Helm summons fire spirit that resembles Orochi's head. But Suzano steps in, destroys the fire spirits and kills the Crimson Helm.

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