The Crimers are the minions of the CRIME Organization and antagonists in J.A.K.Q. Dengekitai. Clad in dark purple masks and gray clothing, they rob, kill, and create any kind of crime possible to meet with CRIME's goal in turning Japan into a crime filled nation. They wield Sten Mk.2 Submachine Guns, short swords, grenades, and in rare cases bazookas. They often make the sound "kwee".

Due to their appearance being rather obvious as suited men in masks, it is easy for them to adapt their appearance to blend in with human society. Unusually, they wear masks whenever doing an infiltration and keep their Crimer mask underneath. This has the side affect of making it easy for the Crimers themselves to be infiltrated, as Joker does at one point to sabotage a plot to eliminate the J.A.K.Q.