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A prosperous Gotham City physician, Dr. Bradford Thorne turned to crime for the thrills and adventure. Although he truly loved medicine, crime was like a narcotic which Thorne could not resist. Establishing his "Crime Clinic" in a sub-basement beneath his home, Thorne offered Gotham's underworld a variety of services from hospitalization to criminal consultations – what he called "house calls" – for a cut of the profits. Though he was indeed a criminal, the Crime Doctor's motivation was not money, and almost all of his ill-gotten gains went to the charities of his choice.

Anica Balcescu

Anica Balcescu

Anica Balcescu was a Romanian widow and survivor of the Ceausescu regime. She was heavbily involved with Vesetech. She later became a member of Libra's Society, where she grafted Wonder Woman's Lasso of Truth to Genocide.

Television History

120px-Matthew Thorne DCAU 001

Dr. Matthew Thorne, losing his medical license and forced into becoming the crime doctor by his younger brother, crime boss Rupert Thorne, must perform delicate surgery on Rupert. He can't do it alone, and kidnaps Dr. Leslie Thompkins to assist. Batman discovers Leslie's disappearance, and rushes to track her down - and has an additional interest in Matthew, because he was a medical school classmate of Bruce Wayne's father Thomas.

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