The Crime Big Four are aquartet of ruthless mercenaries and despots who joined forces with Iron Claw to wreak havoc across the globe. The Big Four’s headquarters was a gigantic flying saucer (UFO) which could fly undetected around the world. The various Big Four commanded their own armies of followers including remnants of the splintered Black Cross Army that battled Goranger. In fact, Goranger member Peggy Matsuyama had been tracking the whereabouts of the villains for a while. The Big Four had battled with other Toei heroes across the globe including Kikaider along with Kamen Riders V3 and Amazon. Facing the JAKQ and Goranger teams, the Big Four combine into the super cyborg entity “Big Four Robo”, a monstrous and hulking mechanical monster with multiple cannons protruding throughout his body and a grinder in his lower torso. Virtually invincible, it took the combined special attacks of JAKQ's Big Bomber and Goranger's Goranger Hurricane Ball to destroy the monster.