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is a convicted Mechanical criminal from the show, Robot and Monster.


He is very massive, his height even towering over Monster's and might be somewhat equal with J.D.'s. He has a strong, wide chest and large, bulky arms. He has yellow glass eyes without pupils; they seem to nearly glow during night time. Instead of an antenna like most Mechanicals on the show, a sleek black, pointed mowhawk protrudes from atop his head.


  • His appearance is similar to Duncan from the Total Drama series in both personality as well as having mowhawks and skull designs on their shirts.
  • In the episode Grandma's Day Out, it is revealed that he has meltdowns whenever old ladies make fun of his mohican. He also called Robot's grandma a "mean old lady."
  • In Nobody Panic, he stated he was captain of a Pole-O team; this hasn't been mentioned since that episode.