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Cremator fighting in hell.

Mess with me and you will get burned.
~ Cremator's catchphrase.

Cremator is a character from the Chaos! comics.


Cremator was once a crusader named Marko who was loyal to Matthias. He was a loyal warrior who loved his wife, but his faith to the Christian God eventually cost him his life. When they both died, Pagan told them that only one could go to Heaven, and Marko allowed his wife to ascend.

In Hell, the soul that was once Marko found itself with the control over flame, and used it to forge weapons for various demons, eventually gaining the title of Hell's Blacksmith. Cremator created many weaposn for the denizens of Hell, and in each one placed an enchatntment that stopped them from harming him. Cremator gained enough fame that Lcifer comisioned him to create the prison for Apolyon

When Hope lead a rebeliion against Lucifer,Cremator forged her a sword and fought for her against the various armies against her. Cremator also fought beside Lady Death when Lucifer returned, as well as helping her against the powers of Purgatori

When Lady Death was pulled out of Hell and went on a cosmic Oddyssey, Cremator took control of Hell in her stead. Mistaken for a usurper by Evil Ernie, Cremator got in a fight with the undead necromancer. While it was eventually discovered that they were on the same side, it was not before Evil Ernie had charged him with his own necrotic energies, giving him a huge boost in power. Cremator then attempted to unite Hell's archdukes, but due to theier own sinfulness he found himself unable to cause any real unity. 

Soon afterwards, Hell broke out in a war with the Outer Plains of the Netherworld, lead by the Trinity of Evil. Lucifer fought bravely against the endless legion of wraiths, but was eventually killed by Asteroth,only to be revived by an angle who informed him that he had to save Hell in order to save all of creation, and so agve him the Spear of Destiny.  

Cremator managed to break up the Trinity long enough to fight Apolyon, and with one of their help was able to kill him. 

When Lady Death came back to Hell,Cremator once again returned to her service,eventually forging her a new sword. 


Cremator wields an enchanted Falchion named Demonslayer nitabel for its ability to cause permanent harm and death to demons (In the Chaos! universe, deomans will usually regenerate from anything). To prevent the weapon from falling into the wrong hands, he also enchanted it so only he could use it's demonslaying abilities. 

Later on, an Angel gave Cremator the Spear of Destiny.