The Head Bully Rhino.

The bullies who torment Billy are some of the main antagonists in Creepshow 2.

Tormenting Billy

On his way home and reading The Raft, Billy is ambushed by a gang of bullies who harras him and take his package, The gang's leader Rhino smashes the package, find the venus flytrap bulb and throws it on the ground crushing it with his foot. In retaliation, Billy kicks Rhino in the groin and flees with Rhino and his gang chasing him.


As the Creep is about to drive away, he spots Billy still being chased by the bullies. Billy leads his pursuers to a vacant lot swarming with out of control plant growth. The bullies then corner and prepear to pummel Billy, only to learn that the bulb they smashed was not the first one Billy ordered, as a group of giant flytraps emerge and devour the bullies one by one.


(Rhino takes the bulb from Billy and teases him)

Bully #2: Look out, he might start crying on you. (the bullies mock Billy who is still being teased by Rhino).

Rhino: (after Billy kicks him in the groin and flees) Catch him. I want his ass!

Rhino: (he and his gang have cornered Billy) Alright kid, i'm gonna put you in the trash. Get ready for some serious pain. (giant flytraps emerge and come to Billy's aid frightening the bullies and begin devouring them as they scream and flee in terror).

Bully #2: No! (a bully tries to flee but a flytrap snatches and eats him as the other flytraps do the same to the other bullies).

Rhino: Ah g-ah (attempts to flee but is trapped by a flytrap) AHAHAHAH!!!! (the bully struggles to break free but the flytrap devours him and spits out a boot with Billy watching in glee)

Billy: Venus flytraps. Giant Venus flytraps. They eat meat.