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The bullies who torment Billy are some of the main antagonists in Creepshow 2. They appear intermission between live-action story segments.


On his way home and reading The Raft, Billy is ambushed by a gang of bullies who harrass him and take his package. The gang's leader, Rhino, smashes the package, finds the Venus flytrap bulb and throws it on the ground, crushing it with his foot. In retaliation, Billy kicks Rhino in the groin and flees with Rhino and his gang chasing him.

As the Creepshow Creep is about to drive away, he spots Billy still being chased by the bullies. Billy leads his pursuers to a vacant lot swarming with out-of-control plant growth. The bullies then corner him and prepare to pummel Billy, only to learn that the bulb they smashed was not the first one Billy ordered, as a group of giant flytraps emerge and devour the bullies one by one. Billy relishes them being devoured by monster plants, gawking that they eat meats.