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~ A Creeper hissing.
The Creeper Mob​, more commonly known as Creepers, ​are Iconic Major Antagonists of the popular sandbox video game, Minecraft​. They are a species of hostile mobs that are infamously recognized for their titular ability of silently sneaking up onto the Player and then exploding, causing alot of damage to them and their constructions. Because of this, they are considered to be one of the most dangerous Minecraft Mobs. The Creepers were created from a failed pig model attempted by NotchMinecraft's main developer.


Creepers are Hostile Mobs that spawn in the Overworld. They come out at Night, but unlike Zombies and Skeletons, they will not be killed by Sunlight and unlike Spiders, they will remain Hostile. Creepers attack the player by walking up to the player and exploding, severely injuring or even killing them. When killed, Creepers will drop between 0 and 2 gunpowder.

When struck by Lightning, Creepers will become Charged Creepers and will have and even more powerful explosion.

Creepers are afraid of Ocelots and Cats, and will run away from them whenever they come close.


  • Creeper's explosions are slightly less powerful than TNT, until they become a Charged Creeper.
  • If killed by a Skeleton, Creepers will drop a Music Disc. If hit, the Creeper will attack the Skeleton.
  • Iron Golems don't attack Creepers.
  • If Creepers explode in water, it will not damage any of the environment.


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