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Cream is one of villains of Tiger and Bunny is member of Ouroboros and the
girlfriend of Jake Martinez who contraled the mad bears by used her hair because she is NEXT.

Meeting Jake

Came from wealthy family, Cream was bullied by her classmates because she was next and her parents didn't want her. until she was kidnapped by Jake Martinez to forced her parents to pay ransom but Jake discovered her life as she begged him to kill her but Jake refused and ask her to joined the group and Cream accpet it the same day Albert Maverick killed parents of Barney Brooks' parents and framed Jake as murderer.

Freeing Jake

Cream and her gang begun attack the city of Sternbild to forced people released Jake from Prison when Wild Tiger bought teddy bear for his daughter Kaede


Cream awake from coma and breakdown after she learns Jake's death from Barnaby and Tiger and revealed that Jake didnt kill Barney's parents and commit suicide in front of them by removed the tube and her parents possible targets of vigetine


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