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Crazy Kong
Crazy Kong also known as Donkey Kong and sometimes called Big Kong is a clone of the original Donkey Kong and the main antagonist from the arcade game of the same name and his part II as well.

Crazy Kong part II

Crazy Kong appears as the main antagonist in the game, he kidnapped Pauline and takes her in hostage in almost all of the levels, he acts like Donkey Kong and does villainous things, Mario (nicknamed Jumpman) must save Pauline in all of the levels by avoiding the barrels, he must use the hammer to destroy the barrels to save Pauline for no reason to survive.
Crazy Kong

Crazy Kong as he originally appeared in the part II

Crazy Kong (Moon Cresta Hardware)

Crazy Kong appears as an antagonist and takes Pauline in hostage in any levels, somewhat, he is very violent, aggressive, and obstreperous, so he throws the barrels to the oil.

Big Kong

Crazy Kong goes under the name of Big Kong, he acts like Donkey Kong and he kidnaps Pauline by taking her in hostage, Mario must avoid the barrels for no reason to survive.



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