Crazy Boss is the third boss in the video game, Rock Zombie. He is the leader of the Marines. His weapon of choice is a machinegun.

After Zoe, Sasha, and Crystal defeated the Marine army and zombies, they meet Crazy Boss in the alley. He wanted revenge on the three girls for defeating his marine army. After a grueling battle, Zoe, Sasha, and Crystal fatally wound Crazy Boss, pounding him to the ground. As he lay dying, he told Zoe, Sasha, and Crystal that Patient Zero (their final enemy) was waiting for them, and with that he died.

Crazy Boss's attacks are shoot multiple bullets from his machine gun for a short period of time, and then the player can attack him while he reloads his machinegun. If you are too close to him, he can whack you with his gun like a club.