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The Crazy 88 are a group of assassins, and a personal army of O-Ren Ishii in the movie; Kill Bill. The Crazy 88 are led by Johnny Mo. They all fight the Bride (AKA, Beatrix Kiddo). Despite being outnumbered, the Bride managed to kill most of the Crazy 88 members which responded, and the rest managed to survive, but end up having their limbs severed. The only one there with no injuries was presumably the youngest member present.


Members of the Crazy 88 wear pretty much the same outfit; wearing a black suit, wearing a black "Kato" mask. Aside from Johnny Mo, who wielded a pair of shōtō short swords, most of them carried a single sword with only two exceptions seen; one wielding dual axes and another a meteor hammer.

Known Members of the Crazy 88



  • The Crazy 88 doesn't actually have a total of 88 members. According to Bill, it was probably called "Crazy 88" because either it sounded cool. The actual number of the group remains uncertain.
    • Only 40 actors were billed as portraying the Crazy 88, including Quentin Tarantino himself as the "Slit Throat" immediately after the "Plucked Eye".
  • The mask worn by the Crazy 88 is similar to that worn by kung fu legend Bruce Lee in his role as Kato, the Green Hornet's partner on the classic 1960's TV series.


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