King Drasil, it is I, Craniamon. I have come as you commanded.
~ Craniamon, before King Drasil appears.
Please grant me the honor of hearing your wisdom.
~ Craniamon, while speaking to King Drasil

Craniamon is both one of the Royal Knights and a major antagonist in Digimon Data Squad.


Craniamon is a Mega Level Digimon that resembles a humanoid dark knight. He wears a dark purple armor with horns and a skull near the belt region. He also wields a dual spear and a shield that he claims is indestructible.

Digimon Data Squad

Craniamon first appeared speaking to King Drasil. He then encountered the DATS when they arrived in the Digital World.  The Mega Level Digimon tried to fight Craniamon, but easily defeated them, even in ShineGreymon's Burst Mode form.

Later on, when Marcus and Agumon returned to the Digital World, they confronted Craniamon again. And this time Craniamon summoned a sheild that was hard to break. ShineGreymon managed to fight Craniamon again, even in Burst Mode. Yoshi, Thomas, Keenan, MirageGaogamon, Rosemon, and Ravemon arrived to help Marcus and ShineGreymon defeat Craniamon. After Marcus finally managed to show Craniamon his Human Potential and break his sheild to pieces, Craniamon, now defeated, layed down his spear in defeat, and as a reward for Marcus proving to him about Human Potential, he allowed Marcus and his friends to proceed to enter King Drasil's lair.

Later on, BanchoLeomon was replaced by Craniamon to save the Digital World from colliding. After King Drasil was defeated, Craniamon and the other Royal Knights returned to the Digital World.


  • Shock Ringer
  • Power of Breath



  • Craniamon's previous Digimon form is HiAndromon.