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Craniac 3

The Craniacs are a series of robot drawings that are obsessed with collecting futuristic devices, and dwell in Futuredome, a place where terrible future ideas go. Whenever a new Craniac appears, the last version is deemed "obsolete," then shuts it down and puts it into a freezing tube, to keep it into a frozen state. The versions are Craniac 1, Craniac 2, Craniac 3, and Craniac 4 (who was drawn by Rudy to shut down Craniac 3). Craniacs 1, 2 and 3 are now shunt down & put in freezing tubes. Craniac 4 became a ally with Skrawl in the episode "Double Trouble."


Craniac 4



The 1st Crainiac was created by some sort of inventor and the 2nd one was created by another inventor and the 3rd one was the last one.

In ChalkZone

Crainiac 3 discovered the magic chalk and threatened to torture Rudy if he did not tell them how to use the chalk. But, Rudy shut down 3 and created 4 and 4 has been trying to get rid of Rudy ever since.

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