Crackle is a character who appeared in the cartoon show episode "The Patchwork Bear". He is an evil creature who desires to have control of the Crystal Kingdom inside a cave from which the River Smurf gets its water. The Emerald Emperor once banished him to the mountain tops, but after the emperor had passed away and his daughter became the empress, he returned and froze the entire kingdom with a magic crystal. He imprisoned the Emerald Empress within the throne room and demanded for her to marry him in order to unfreeze her kingdom.


Her guardian, Patchwork, escaped in fear and was found by the Smurfs, who were investigating the cause of the River Smurf being dried up. Although Patchwork was reluctant to go with the Smurfs into the throne room the destroy the crystal, he succeeded in doing so when he saw that his friends were captured by Crackle and threatened to be frozen with the magic crystal. As he charged in to stop Crackle, he slipped and swung across the room with the crystal until he hit a wall, smashing the crystal and thawing out the entire kingdom. Crackle was again banished to the mountain tops, but he swore that he will he return again.