Crablante is a villain from One Punch Man. He's a man who, after eating too much crab, ended transforming into a crab humanoid, though he still has human legs. After this he goes on a murderous rampage, killing everyone who crossed his path.


He stumbles upon Saitama (then just an average guy), who doesn't try to run away from him. As it turned out, he had just been refused in a job interview and didn't care if Crablante was going to kill him, so the monster takes pity on him and lets him live, as he was too busy looking for a boy with clefts on his chin. Saitama goes his way but ends meeting said boy, learning he drew nipples on Crablante while he was sleeping. Crablante eventually finds the boy and attacks him, but Saitama saves him and tells Crablante that would be stupid to kill a mere child, to which he simply replies he had already slaughtered a lot of people and that he wouldn't allow anyone to mock his appearance. Saitama tells the boy to run away and confronts Crablante, getting severely beaten, but when Crablante is about to deliver his finishing move Saitama jumps at him and uses his necktie to pull out Crablante's eye, killing him as his internal organs are pulled from his inside.


  • Despite his brief appearance, he is one of the most influential characters, as his attempts at murdering a child was what inspired Saitama to begin his training to become a strong hero. Crablante also gave Agoni the idea to create the Hero Association after the former tried to kill the latter's grandson.