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Crab is a henchmen of Joe and a minor antagonist in the Danish film, Help! I'm a Fish, also known in some markets as A Fish Tale.


The 3D crustacean, Crab is a soldier crab who was always grumpy. He has an army of soldier crabs. Later, he was eaten by Shark.


After getting the antidote on him, he gets a large head with an enlarged chin and sharp teeth in his mouth. He wears a metal helmet on his head. Later after drinking more antidote, he gets hands and standing on his hindlegs.

Personal life

Once the gang was locked up in the cage, Crab counted repeatedly until Sasha disturbed him and broke open the cage, leaving them free.

Later Crab was calling in his other soldier crabs and called them to attack. The crabs later transformed into a whirlwind, along with their leader.

Later, Crab was later eaten by Shark and Shark was trapped in a pipe on the boat.

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