We're about to FREE the people of this city! Soon they'll see the TRUTH! And embrace our beautiful new utopia: the Bay City Super-Organic Communal Collective and Compost Farm! ARE YOU WITH US, MAN??
~ Bongwater.

Coyote Bongwater is the first minor antagonist in Destroy All Humans! 2. He is the spiritual leader of most of the hippie groups in Bay City, and an agent of the KGB, although nothing but a puppet in their schemes. He was voiced by Richard Tatum.

Role in the game

Coyote Report

Bonwater contacting Agent Oranchov.

Bongwater is the main villain of Bay City, the starting invasion site. After the destruction of the Mothership by the KGB, Orthopox informs Crypto after some analysis that the KGB were invited into town by the hippie. A conversation with another hippie named The Freak reveals that Bongwater is on a mission to distribute a new drug he created named Revelade, which while he thinks is freeing the minds of the local hippie communes, is actually destroying the Furon DNA imprinted in their brains, much to the Furons' dismay. Crypto manages to sneak into one of Bongwater's sessions and tries to kill him, but an intervention from the KGB foil his attempt.
Bongwater vanishes from the plot afterwards, acting behind the KGB and through his contacts rather than appearing by himself. He is also far more desperate to spread his drug, going as far as to acquire blimps full of Revelade to gas the city with, all of which are destroyed by Crypto in his saucer. They finally manage to uncover his hideout underneath an Old Fort in the city thanks to Bongwater's girlfriend Prudence. After a boss battle, Bongwater contacts agent Oranchov one last time and tells him to "start the Revolution without him", but Oranchov tells him that Bay City is useless to their plot overall and that they will nuke the city, assuring Coyote his sacrifice was not in vain. Outraged, Bongwater realizes his error, only to be shocked to death by Crypto's Zap-O-Matic, ending the hippie revolution.


Bongwater is a stereotypical hippie, with a mind heavily-altered by drugs and a burning desire to "stick it to the man", but the influence of the KGB has confused his morals, making him believe slowly killing his commune with drugs is just "freeing" them. When he finally realizes his mistake, however, it is too late for redemption.