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Coyote's head - which served as his main power-source

Coyote is the name given to a series of powerful and intelligent robots that appeared in the animated series, Gargoyles - designed by the mastermind David Xanatos each Coyote model was designed to be more powerful than the other and had an especially strong link with the criminal organization known as The Pack.

The original Coyote was designed to be a perfect replica of David Xanatos and worked to break The Pack out of prison so as to accomplish his ultimate goal of destroying the Manhattan Clan, during his stay with The Pack the psychotic Hyena grew very fond of him (much to her brother's disgust).

During the confrontation Bronx revealed Coyote's true nature when he cut the synthetic skin of the robot to reveal the machine beneath, rather than being repulsed Hyena was actually even more smitten by Coyote once she learnt he was a robot - however upon realising Coyote wasn't human Lexington was quick to destroy the robot's body with a laser-weapon.

However Coyote's head survived and rolled itself back to the real Xanatos, who repaired the head and attached it to an anti-gravity unit so it could float around freely - he then sent Coyote to talk with The Pack once more, this time Coyote offered them an upgrade which would forevermore change The Pack: making them even more formidable.

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