Coverton in the Opening theme

Coverton is the primary antagonist in the Nickelodeon animated show Monsters Vs. Aliens.

A telepathic alien, he claims to have come to Earth in peace, which only the President believes.  Because of this, Coverton is allowed to stay in Area Fifty-Something.  In truth, he reports to an alien leader known as Coverlord and is plotting to take over the world for his master. 

He makes several plans to take over the world which fail miserably thanks to the monsters.   When he isn't talking to Coverlord or making plans, he is often forced to aid the monsters in stopping other threats or just assisting them in other things. He also needs to use a hover chair to get around on Earth, as he is unable to move under his own power because of the effects of the planet's gravity on his alien physiology.

He has a habit of gloating about his evil plans, only to cover them up at the last second to try to deceive other characters and mislead them about his true intentions (such as claiming that he was using his "quiet voice", or when Rulebot scolded him for "planning an invasion", then he quickly adds "of privacy").