Profile art - Courtly Jester
What a shame school isn't over yet.
~ Courtly Jester in "Way Too Wonderland"

Courtly Jester is a 2015-introduced and fiction-only character. She is the daughter of the Joker Card and is closely affiliated with Wonderland High, the main high school in Wonderland, as the student body president, which by Wonderland rules, makes her said school's vice principal and principal.


In English, she is voiced by Paula Rhodes.



Courtly is the type to have an aggressive and assertive, power-hungry exterior and an insecure interior, often referring to herself as "lowly Courtly Jester". Usually nonsensical, she takes pleasure in other's misery, facing life with a sadistic smile. Her Joker heritage also makes her mischievous and a liar, twisting other's words with ease and manipulative with her persuasion skills.

In "Way Too Wonderland", Courtly is head of a conspiracy against the Queen of Hearts, planning to overthrow her. Overpowering in every way, as principal and vice-principal of Wonderland High and chief of prosecution at the school court, she has huge power over a significant part of Wonderland, as even the royal herald goes by her rules.


Courtly has short, cream yellow and pastel purple and blue-streaked hair styled in a one-sided fringe, covering her right eye. A portion of it is braided down the left side of her head. She has purple eyebrows, scarlet pink eyes and deep red lipstick. She has a cream yellow diamond painted around her left eye. Courtly has pale skin and wears a pink and black joker crown complete with bells and covered in pink hearts and purple jewels on the tips. She wears a sequined light and dark purple dress beneath a small jacket with sleeves of mismatched colors and a large purple collar and black tights. She accessorizes with golden bangles and crisscross arm wraps. She wears lavender and purple mismatched tights and midnight blue ankle boots.

Fairy tale

As it is perceived that the Joker Card is not really associated with any known fairytale, it is presumed that Courtly and her heritage originated from Wonderland, most likely as one of the Queen of Hearts card escort soldiers, specifically the Joker Card.



She is the daughter of the Joker Card.