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Count Von Blukenporken was a vampire who became a ghost and started feeding on other ghosts' slime to become human again.

Count Von Blukenporken came up with a plan to absorb the life force of 21 ghosts. He would accumulate enough power to transmogrify and live again. His actions caused most of Blukenporken's ghost victims to shrivel up and lose their powers. The Count's victims formed a support group in a secluded farmhouse. His actions caused the local tourist economy to go into crisis prompting the people to hire the Ghostbusters to bring the ghosts back.

The Ghostbusters arrived to Blukenporken, Germany and found out that he was the one that made the ghosts disappear after he drained Slimer. With 21 ghosts drained, the Count would live again at dawn. The Count met his end when the Ghostbusters used mirroes from their Proton Packs through a chandelier. After he was destroyed, the slime he consumed was returned to the ghosts by transfusion.

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