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Count Tsepish is a minor antagonist from the adventure video-game, Kings Quest VII: The Princeless Bride - though he more accurately a tragic villain than a truly malicious figure.

Vladimir Tsepish
Count Tsepish was the former lord of Ooga Booga Land and was beheaded by Malicia and cursed to fly the skies on his horse, known as Necromancer. The Tsepish manor was burned down, and the ghost of his dog, Black Valiant, remained to guard it.

However as part of her quest to save Rosella Queen Valanice breaks the curse on Count Tsepish by retrieving his head and giving it back to him, freeing him from his torment.

If Queen Valanice stands on the path near Count Tsephish's grave for too long before breaking the curse she risks encountering the revenant, who will fly by on his horse and kill her by running her over.