Count Grisham is the main antagonist in the film directed by Richard Rich and Brian Nissen who both made The Swan PrincessThe Scarecrow.

He is both the founder of the town, Grisham Heights and the greatest dancer in the colonies. He owes a pet Raven and a butler named Wooden, though the latter eventually leaves him to warn Polly of his plan to kill her.

He wanted to marry Polly, and he would do that by both stealing her money to freedom from the work mill and kill her lover the Scarecrow who magically disguises himself as a human made Feather-Top.

When that plan fails, he decides to make the bridge leading out of town collapse to take Polly with it, but it ends with Grisham falling to his death instead.


  • His death is similar to the first defeat of the Brown Sharptooth from The Land Before Time VI: The Secret of Saurus Rock.