Count Geoffrey
, sometimes known as Dread Count Geoffrey Dubueon Oppressor Par Excellence of the Poor and Weak is the main villain in the TV series Blazing Dragons.

Count Geoffrey often comes up with evil plans to take over Camelhot, the royal court of dragons . His henchmen are called Evil Knights 1, 2, and 3. He sometimes also calls the witch, Merle the Wizard, to help him. Also, he sends an Evil Spy to spy on the dragons of Camelhot so that he can come up with a plan. He also exploits and taxes the local serfs.

Geoffrey's plans have included kidnapping Queen Griddle for ransom (which failed because King Allfire and his knights were seeking the Holy Quail, and when he tried to feed Griddle to a monster, Griddle scared it off), forcing the dragons out of Camelhot with a giant cake (which Flicker foiled by putting Geoffrey's head in an Automatic Hairstyling Machine and lowering the drawbridge) and stealing Excaliburn (which failed when Princess Flame took Excaliburn and defeated him in a swordfight).

In some episodes, however, Geoffrey isn't even a threat, as his plans constantly go wrong, sometimes due to the incompetence of the Evil Knights. At one point, they themselves were the victims of the episode's antagonists, a gang of barbarians who intended to roast them and Flicker and eat them.

At the beginning of Season 2, Geoffrey hit wimp bottom and so Merle the Wizard (disguised as the Black Knight) gave him a makeover. His hair color was changed from red to black, his skin to a light tint of green, his eyes yellow, and with a dragon skull helmet and new armor. He also became even more dark and evil. However, like Princess Flame, his role diminished in Season 2.

In the episode The Golden Thimble of Theodora, Geoffrey tries to get the Golden Thimble. After his Evil Knights fail, Geoffrey attempts to infiltrate the castle and kidnap Sir Loungelot (who has the thimble stuck in his teeth) himself. He climbs up to Loungelot's window using a pair of plungers, but when Loungelot tries to remove the thimble by biting Griddle's fruitcake (which, according to Loungelot, is the "hardest substance in all of dragonkind"), he throws it out the window, inadvertently hitting Geoffrey in the head and sending him falling over the edge. It is unknown if he survived, as this episode was his final appearance.

Voiced by Jon Koensgen in Season 1 and Cedric Smith in Season 2.