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Count Dregon is the main villain of the short livied Masked Rider TV series.


Exiled from his homeworld of Edenoi by his father, King Lexion, Dregon later returned and overthrew his father, turning the once peaceful world of Edenoi into an abysmal hell, with the inhabitants mining for the poisonous gases that lay beneath their planet. Dregon's true goal is to steal the powers of Edenoi's champion, the Masked Rider, which currently reside in his nephew, Prince Dex, who led the Resistance against Dregon. Dregon's attempts to destroy the Resistance were stopped by both Masked Rider and the Power Rangers. Although Dregon was defeated, he followed the Rangers back to Earth and decided to make it his next conquest. King Lexion sent a reluctant Dex to Earth to save the planet from the same fate as Edenoi, which was still under Dregon's control. Landing in the town of Leawood, Dex uses his Masked Rider powers to battle his evil uncle, and protect the world from Dregon's Insectavores, knowing that Dregon will never give up until the Masked Rider powers are his.


  • Nefaria: Dregon's second in command, Nefaria is a femme fatale who always seeks to be on her master's good side, and controls bug like monsters called Maggots.
  • Double Face: As his name suggests, the grotesque Double Face's head looks like a motorcycle helmet with a sentient face on its forehead.
  • Gork: A strange, horned alien, the rhyme spewing Gork is always the first to point out the flaws in his master's plans...even when Dregon doesn't want to hear it.
  • Cycloptor: The most lethal of Dregon's goons, Cycloptor is always ready to battle the Masked Rider without the aid of an Insectivore, only to be humbled in battle by the prince.


It's not exactly stated what Dregon's powers are, but since Dex has super strength, telekinesis, super speed, telepathy, and x-ray vision, it's possible that Dregon has these powers too.

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