Allow me to reintroduce myself. I am Count Vladislaus Dragulia. Born: 1422. Murdered: 1462.
~ Count Dracula introducing himself.
(Frankenstein: Get off me, you vermin from hell!) What are you complaining about? This is why you were made! To prove that God is not the only one who can create life! And now you must give that life to my children.
~ Count Dracula to the Frankenstein Monster
Don't you understand? We could be friends. Partners! Brothers-in-arms! Did I mention that it was you who murdered me? It must be such a burden. Such a curse... to be the Left Hand of God. All I want is life, Gabriel. The continuation of my kind. And perhaps the return of my ring. Don't be afraid, Gabriel. Don't be afraid. I shall give you back your life, your memory.
~ Count Dracula's last words to Van Helsing.

Count Vladislaus Dracula was another version of the Dracula character and the main antagonist in the 2004 film dark fantasy action Van Helsing.

He was portrayed by Richard Roxburgh who also played Duke of Monroth.

Dracula was the arch enemy of Gabriel Van Helsing in the film and his main goal throughout it was to bring life to his vampire children, and thus allow his vampire people to reign forever.


In the film, Dracula was seen with Anna Valerious' werewolf brother, Velkan Valerious, to power a machine at Frankenstein's Castle to bring to life his Vampire Children. His plan failed when Van Helsing began to shoot and destroy the Vampire Children that came to life while the machine was powered, and later spoke to Van Helsing about that he had been alive for hundreds of years, along with the fact that he had supposedly known Van Helsing many years ago, before Van Helsing and Anna escaped.

Dracula was then seen with a captured Anna Valerious at a ball, dancing with her and telling her that he needed a new bride, and he nearly bit her to turn her into a vampire, when Van Helsing came and saved her life, before being chased by Dracula's Vampires in their masquerade costumes during their escape.

In the final confrontation in the film, Dracula transformed into a fearsome bat creature when Van Helsing transformed into a werewolf after being bitten by Anna's Brother, Velkan.

Dracula vampire

Dracula's demonic form

They battled at Dracula's Castle and Dracula told Van Helsing that he was the one who killed him years ago and that Van Helsing was the Left Hand of God, the Angel, Gabriel.

Eventually, after this information was told, Dracula tried to persuade Van Helsing to join him and give back his ring and, in exchange, give Van Helsing back his lost memories. But Van Helsing refused, and remarked that "some things are better left forgotten".

After changing into a werewolf again, Van Helsing ultimately killed Dracula (by biting him in the throat) as he slowly turns into a skeleton once and for all and lifted the Valerious's curse.

Videogame appearance

Dracula also appeared in the videogame adaption of Van Helsing as the game's main antagonist and final boss.