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Count Cannoli
Count Cannoli is the main antagonist in the video game Wario: Master of Disguise. He is the rival of Wario and other master thief Carpaccio throughout the game.

Count Cannoli makes his first and only appearance in this one game. He is the second character to be introduced and he is shown on the T.V on a show of his own creation - The Silver Zephyr, where he uses a wand called Goodstyle in order to disguise himself as a master thief of the same name, the Silver Zephyr. He dresses in white garments and a large white top hat and a much more ginger mustache, and he appears to be whizzing round as he transforms.

Later, Wario, the hero has invented the Telmet and has fallen out of the sky onto the Silver Zephyr. The Silver Zephyr transforms back into the Count Cannoli, and Wario takes the wand for his own use throughout the game. He is shown every time Wario isn't, either him or Carpaccio.


  • Cannoli is clearly based off of Wario's true arch-nemesis, Mario. Both are of Italian heritage, both have similar designs and mustache (although Cannoli is clearly more obese), they are both the rivals to Wario and are far more successful than him in every way and the ending of the game and Wario Land are fairly similar, with Cannoli getting all the treasure and Mario returning the stolen Princess Peach statue even though Wario did all the hard work and defeated the villains.