I will watch your games end, and your precious worlds soon after. Bleh heh heh heh heh! Bleck!
~ Count Bleck when confronted by Mario and co.

Count Bleck, whose real name is Lord Blumiere, is the central antagonist of Super Paper Mario. He is a magisterial aristocrat with magical powers who wanted to end all worlds with the power of the Chaos Heart by summoning the Void. He employed a group of minions that includes Nastasia, Mimi, O'Chunks, and Dimentio, who would later betray him and take the Chaos Heart for himself.



It is slowly revealed in vague flashbacks that Count Bleck (when he was only known as Blumiere) was originally a member of the Tribe of Darkness, a group that broke from the Tribe of Ancients after stealing the Dark Prognosticus to prevent its powers from being abused. One day, Blumiere was found injured at the base of a cliff by a human girl named Timpani and nursed back to health. Blumiere ignored his father's warnings of humanity and continued to visit Timpani; eventually, the pair fell in love. Before the plans for marriage were able to work, Timpani vanished, leaving Blumiere gravely heartbroken. Soon afterward, his father revealed that he had teleported Timpani out of their dimension, explaining that their kind could never mix with humans. Inconsolable, Blumiere turned to the pages of the Dark Prognosticus. He sought to destroy everything that took Timpani away from him and create new and perfect order. Renaming himself Count Bleck, he gathered a troop to help to put his plans into motion after destroying his home dimension.


When Count Bleck learned about Tippi and her similar descriptions to Lady Timpani, he suddenly felt regretful for opening the Void, for he realized that he had found her. But still, Count Bleck could not close the Void for he was still in control of the Chaos Heart, which he believed would be destroyed only if its owner perished. He then decided that upon the destruction of the universe, he would never rebuild a perfect one, he would only have it erased from existence forever (thus allowing his own castle to be obliterated as well).


When Mario and Tippi confronted Count Bleck at his namesake Castle, the count attempted to destroy them using his magic. However, the power of the Chaos Heart was negated using the power of the Pure Hearts, allowing him to be defeated and left weak, frail, and hopeless. Wanting to die because of his evil deeds for opening the Void and putting his love in serious danger, he asked Mario and Tippi to finish him off. But Tippi forgave him for she still loved him, and couldn't do it.

The End

The Castle Bleck

Count Bleck's eerie Castle.

It was here that Dimentio tried to shoot Count Bleck, but Nastasia sacrificed herself to save Count Bleck. Then, Dimentio mocked of Nastasia's sacrifice, took control of the Chaos Heart, brainwashed Luigi, imprisoned Tippi, Count Bleck, and Nastasia in Dimension D and tried to destroy the universe himself. Tippi and Count Bleck re-established their love, and with the help of O'Chunks and Mimi, the Pure Hearts were restored, and Dimentio, who mixed himself with Luigi and the Chaos Heart to create Super Dimentio, was defeated. In order to banish the Chaos Heart and close the Void, Count Bleck and Tippi demonstrated the true love they possessed and married.

The process caused the Chaos Heart, the Pure Hearts, Count Bleck, and Timpani to vanish, never to be seen again. Some have speculated that they are dead, but Nastasia and Merlon are both convinced that they are alive and living together in happiness. After the credits the silhouettes of Blumiere and Timpani in their original forms are seen in a paradise dimension, looking up at a sunny sky from a hill. It is unknown whether this is The Overthere or not.‎


~ Count Bleck
By me... Count Bleck! The chosen executor of the Dark Prognosticus... is Count Bleck! The fine fellow prophesied to come to this dimension... is also Count Bleck!
~ Count Bleck
Of all things, you defend the heart?! Nothing could be more worthless...
~ Count Bleck
All things...are meaningless...
~ Count Bleck
Aside from Timpani, no treasure mattered in the least to me...
~ Count Bleck
Bleh heh heh heh heh... The man known as Blumiere died a long time ago. Now there is only Bleck! The Dark Prognosticus's choice to fulfill the prophecy! Nothing more!
~ Count Bleck
But you are far too late to stop the Dark Prognosticus, and me... Count Bleck! All worlds will soon end. Come into grips for that now, for you cannot stop it. I suggest you make yourselves comfortable and enjoy this one, final spectacle!
~ Count Bleck
Count Bleck does not care about any world! They are all meaningless.
~ Count Bleck
You know the answer, dear Timpani. Count Bleck does not have to tell you. The hour has grown too late... You should know that by now.
~ Count Bleck
Count Bleck is the deleter of worlds! My fate is written in the Dark Prognosticus! ALL NOW ENDS!
~ Count Bleck
Are you prepared, hero? Our duel will be worthy of the last clash this world will ever see!
~ Count Bleck
Bleck! I expected more potency from the Hero of Prophecy! And now, I will watch your game end, and then your precious worlds will end soon after!
~ Count Bleck
So be it... says Count Bleck! But your precious worlds aren't safe until my last breath. Let us finally end this! Now, the TRUE battle begins... with Count Bleck!
~ Count Bleck
Ex...Excellent... You have won... Now finish Count Bleck. The Chaos Heart will disappear, and the prophecy will be undone...
~ Count Bleck
Timpani... After you vanished, I searched long for you. I never stopped looking. I searched and searched, but I never found you. Without you, the world held no meaning or joy. I wanted to destroy everything that's taken you away from me...
~ Count Bleck about Timpani.
It's too late. Count Bleck has done so much evil... it must end. Just knowing that you are alive, and the world you live in will continue... it gives me peace. I do not have long to live... you must end my game before The Void destroys all...
~ Count Bleck
It was no lie. But without the power of the Pure Hearts, there is no way to counter the Chaos Heart. What can we do?
~ Count Bleck
So, it seems the end of all worlds is really upon us...
~ Count Bleck
I thought the Chaos Heart would disappear if the person controlling it fell. Dimentio... must have left behind a shadow of his power to continue controlling it. It won't last long, but it'll be enough to ensure the end of every world.
~ Count Bleck
We will use the Pure Hearts again this time, to banish the Chaos Heart. All we need is true love, and that's something I am lucky enough to possess.
~ Count Bleck
But you, Timpani... It pains me to know that this may cut your game short, as well. Still... there is no other way to stop this.
~ Count Bleck
There were so many things I wanted to say to you, but I could not find the words.
~ Count Bleck
Of course. I thought about you every moment since you disappeared. But I have caused you so much suffering...
~ Count Bleck
I had to be with you, Timpani. I will never apologize for that.
~ Count Bleck about Timpani.
And I love you, Timpani. Hundreds of thousands of years from now, that fact will not have changed.
~ Count Bleck about Timpani.



  • Count Bleck had a tendency to speak in third-person, sometimes as though he is reading what he's saying in a book. For instance: "WHAT?! ... Spat Count Bleck in utter disbelief." This happened directly after reading from the Dark Prognusticus. However, after reconciling with Tippi, he speaks in a normal first-person, implying that he was released from the insanity caused by reading the Dark Prognosticus.
  • It is heavily implied that the people of Flopside are the descendants of the Tribe of Darkness that Bleck was from.
  • Count Bleck is one of the few (if not the only) villains in Super Mario Bros. history that is not driven by greed or jealousy, but rather, lovesickness and emotional struggles, making him the most tragic villain in the Mario franchise.
  • Count Bleck shares a similar motive with Count Dracula and Professor Robert Callaghan because they turned evil because of a tragic loss of their female loved one (Timpani for Bleck, Elisabetha and Lisa for Dracula, and Abigail for Callaghan), only for such similarity to diverge at the point of what their relationship with said loved one was: Timpani was Bleck's girlfriend, Elisabetha and Lisa were Dracula's wives, and Abigail was Callaghan's daughter.
    • The only character whose similarities is very close to Bleck was Professor Robert Callaghan, as they lost their loved one they describe as everything in another dimension, seek to take everything from what they blame for taking everything from them, and eventually regret their evil deeds upon finding out that said loved one was alive. However, while Count Bleck redeems himself in the end, Callaghan is arrested before he could redeem himself.
    • Bleck also shares a similar backstory with Bill Cipher, except Bill destroyed his home dimension merely out of anger, whereas Bleck also destroyed it to avenge Timpani. It is possible that Bill's backstory is partially based on Bleck's.

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