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I won't let them out of here. The nine hearts belong to me and me alone!
~ aged Aldobrandini while he's surrounded by his minions.

Count Aldobrandini is the main antagonist in the Czech movie "Deváté srdce" ("The Ninth Heart").

He fell in love with Princess Adriena and manipulated the Duke to kidnap her and bring her to the Hall of Time, his domain, where time passes more quickly. He shows her his holiest secret: an elixier, brewed from the blood of nine human hearts as well as an ancient essence, which kept him immortal for centuries.

Finally, the student Martin who also loves Adriena, revives the poor people who Alodobrandini takes the heart blood from. Without the blood and the rest of the elixir, Aldobrandini ages to death, meanwhile Adriena, Martin the others escape.



  • Aldobrandini seems to be based on the Dutch Michel: They both collect people's hearts.
  • Aldobrandini was portrayed by Juraj Kukura.

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