Cotty is a protagonist villain who appears in the 2012 film "Spring Breakers". Cotty is one of the four girls who go on spring break and end up corrupted by drug lord Alien. She was portrayed by Rachel Korine

After being shot in the arm by Big Arch, Cotty breaks down and decides to go home.

Type of Villain

While Cotty is one of the four main protagonists, many of her actions in the film can be seen as downright villainous. Examples include:

  • Being the getaway driver for Brit and Candy during the robbery.
  • Doing drugs.
  • Robbing various spring breakers.


  • Cotty is the second nicest of the four girls. She isn't quite as villainous as Candy and Brit, but isn't as nice as Faith.
  • She seems to be Faith's best friend.