No more secrets, Marty.
~ Cosmo to Martin Brice before Cosmo's men take him away.

Cosmo is the main antagonist of the film Sneakers. He was portrayed by Ben Kingsley.


In 1969, Cosmo was a college student who, along with his best friend Martin "Marty" Brice, used university computers to hack into computer networks, to redistribute conservative funds to various other causes. This includes hacking into the Republican Party's account and transferring some of their money to the Black Panthers, and also hacking into President Richard Nixon's personal checking account and transferring it to the National Association to Legalize Marijuana. They get hungry, so Marty decides to go get a pizza. Later, the police arrive with intent to arrest them both. Marty sees the police arrest Cosmo, and goes on the run.

Cosmo as a young man in college.

Cosmo is sentenced to 12 years in prison. However, one day, he helps a pair of older gentlemen make some free phone calls. As it turns out, the men were members of a Mafia organization. They arranged for Cosmo to be released from prison early. In order to repay them, Cosmo reorganized their outfits's entire financial operation, which allowed him to become rich.

Cosmo wished to continue what he and Marty started in college, but with the advances in technology, it would be much harder. He soon learns that a mathmetician named Gunter Janek is designing a device (referred to as simply "the box" for the entire film) for the National Security Agency (NSA) that is capable of bypassing every computer encryption system in the world. He decides to track down Marty and arrange for him to deliver the box to him. He soon tracks Marty to San Francisco, where he is using the alias "Martin Bishop", where he leads a team of specialists that use unorthodox methods to test security systems. He sends two ex-NSA agents Dick Gordon and Buddy Wallace, to hire Marty and his team. Marty agrees to retrieve the box, and his team successfully recovers it. On the day that Marty gives the box to Wallace and Gordon, they also learn that Dr. Janek was killed. Becoming suspicious, Marty leaves the handoff without getting paid and begins investigating. Cosmo then sends his agents to recapture Marty.


Cosmo confronts Marty for the first time in nearly 20 years.

Wallace, along with two fake FBI agents, capture Marty and bring him to Cosmo's organization's headquarters (which to the outside is a toy company called PlayTronics) where he confronts Marty and informs him of his plan to use the box to destabalize the world's economy, and attempts to convince Marty to join him. Marty refuses, calling Cosmo crazy. In retalliation, Cosmo uses the box to hack into the FBI's computer network and puts Marty's alias into FBI's record on him. His men then take him away and later dump him on the side of a road.

Marty and his team make it a priority to take the box back from Cosmo. They manage to infiltrate PlayTronics and Marty successfully gets the box. However, Cosmo catches wind of the infiltration, and all of PlayTronics is put on alert. Wallace manages to locate Marty in the air vents of an upper level corridor and begins shooting at him with a shotgun. However, Cosmo speaks over the intercom and says that he is holding Marty's friend (and ex-girlfriend) Liz hostage, and that if he gave him the box, he'd let them all go. Marty turns himself in, but Cosmo goes back on his word, and orders Gordon and Wallace to kill him. Marty, though manages to escape Gordon and Wallace with the box in hand.


Cosmo's final confronation with Marty.

They are able to escape PlayTronics and prepare to leave. However, Cosmo catches up with Marty on the roof of the building. Holding him at gunpoint, Cosmo demands that Marty give him the box. He gives him the box, but Cosmo still tries to convince Marty to help him, almost pleading. Marty tells him that, in order to stop him, he'd need to kill him. Unable to kill his friend, Cosmo lets Marty go. However, he examines the box, and realizes that it is a fake.

Cosmo's fate after the events of the movie is unknown. It is possible that, after the NSA cleared up Marty's record, that the FBI learned that Cosmo was behind everything that he framed Marty for, and that he was arrested and sent back to prison.