Cosmic Mario

Cosmic Mario

~ Cosmic Mario's laugh in the Super Mario Galaxy games and 3D Land.

Cosmic Mario (or simply Cosmic Clone by fans) is Mario and Luigi's rival originating from the Super Mario Galaxy series and as a minor antagonist in Super Mario 3D Land. The Cosmic Clone Mario can follow the player and copy their moves and their jumps and can hit the player if he stops running in the level. He has a higher pitched voice than normal. A large Cosmic Clone Mario's voice has a low pitch voice as first seen in Super Mario 3D Land.


In Super Mario Galaxy 1, Cosmic Mario's body is entirely blue with cosmic blue.

In Super Mario Galaxy 2, he is called "Cosmic Clone" and will create a group of himself. They all have brown bodies with yellow eyes.

In Super Mario 3D Land, he resembles Small Mario, with the only differences being the color of his body and eyes. Unlike normal Mario, his body is entirely purple, and like in Super Mario Galaxy 2, he has yellow eyes.

Super Mario Galaxy

Depending on which plumber is present, they will have a Cosmic Clone race, in which Cosmic Mario/Luigi vows to take the Star before the real one.

In the levels of Cosmic Clones, Cosmic Clone Mario multiplies into an army of Cosmic Clones and follows Mario or Luigi depending of the player choice.

Super Mario 3D Land

The Cosmic Clone returns, following the player until the end of the level, as well as in Bowser's Castle. He laughs manically, has the appearance of a small Mario without a cap and can copy the player's movement.
Cosmic Clone Mario

Cosmic Clone as seen in Super Mario 3D Land



  • Cosmic Mario is similiar to Shadow Mario from Super Mario Sunshine, both of them are the dark forms of the protagonists and copy their moves.