Everyone you love, everything you hold dear, I'll destroy...
~ Corvo to Delilah

Corvo Attano is the protagonist of the 2012 video game Dishonored and one of the two playable protagonists in Dishonored 2.

Depending on the players actions, Corvo can be a villain protagonist who negatively affects the behavior of Emily Kaldwin and the fate of Dunwall, he is a professional assassin with very intimidating skills even without powers, however should he opt for avoiding killing targets and neutralizing them non lethally and not murder too many people he becomes more of a masked vigilante.


Corvo originally hails from Serkonos, the southernmost nation of the Empire of the Isles, and is the first Royal Protector born outside of Gristol. Not much is known of his early life; he was "assigned to serve the Empress as a diplomatic gesture," but the specifics of this assignment, and the age at which it began, are unknown. It has also been noted that Corvo is not high-born, and attained his social status through the Royal Protector position. He is described as being extremely mysterious and quiet, with Wallace Higgins and Treavor Pendleton claiming that despite his high social standing, little is known about him by those at court.

Corvo has a strong bond with Emily, and often interacts with her in a very familiar and affectionate manner — for instance, Emily asks him to play hide-and-seek on his return to Dunwall, which Corvo can oblige, and he was apparently teaching her climbing and defensive techniques prior to the events of Dishonored. Corvo will also occasionally hug Emily or hold her hand, further displaying their closeness.

It is believed by some citizens of Dunwall that Corvo was Jessamine's lover as well as her Royal Protector. While several characters in the game address these rumors (Lydia starts to ask about the supposed affair on one occasion, and Pendleton makes disparaging remarks about their relationship during the high chaos version of The Light at the End) they remain unconfirmed. However, Corvo's initial interaction with Jessamine, a letter found in her secret room, Anton Sokolov's comments to Corvo after The Royal Physician, and assertions by the Outsider suggest that the two were close.

It is speculated in Farley Havelock's journal that Emily may be Corvo's daughter. Emily's behavior toward Corvo suggests that she sees him as a father figure, but any biological relation between the two is deliberately left ambiguous.

Following his escape from Coldridge Prison with the help of the Loyalists, Corvo readily joins their group. Whether Corvo's primary goal (after rescuing Emily) is to restore Dunwall or exact revenge is determined by player choice and style.


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