Corvax is the main villain of the animated language course film Muzzy.

He is voiced by Derek Griffiths.

Role in the Film

Corvax is the evil vizier of the king of Gondoland. He is a slimy, sinister green goblin who plots to marry Princess Sylvia and take over the kingdom. Corvax also has a computer lab which he uses to carry out his wicked deeds. When Bob and Sylvia meet and go on an outing via a motorcycle, he carries out a scheme that involves telling the king and queen Sylvia is in love with Bob, which in turn gets Bob arrested and taken to prison. Corvax tries to take Sylvia as his own even when she refuses, and after rejection after rejection, he smashes his computer in a fit of rage, which leads him to clone the princess. Afterwards, he fixes his computer and traps the king inside. Bob, who has escaped with Muzzy, helps the royal family free the king. Corvax manages to escape in his helicopter, but Bob arrives and knocks him out cold. The latter is taken away to prison and Bob and Sylvia are married.

In Muzzy Comes Back, Corvax persuades a thief named Thimbo to help him with his plot to kidnap Bob and Sylvia's daughter, Amanda, as payback for Bob's interference. In the end, however, he is outwitted and arrested once again.