I'll turn your mustache into a bone-polisher, amigo!
~ Cortez

Cortez is the holder of the fifth Crystal Star, the Sapphire Star, and the former secondary antagonist of Chapter 5 in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door


Cortez is the one who defeated the Stalwart Koopa and caused him to be sealed in a magic Black Chest.

He fights Mario when he thinks Mario is after his treasure. After losing in battle, he no longer saw Mario as an enemy and gives him the Crystal Star when Mario tells him he isn't interested in his treasure, and later helps him in the battle against the X-Nauts when Lord Crump attacks Keelhaul Key. From then on, Cortez would stay docked at Rogueport and would ferry Mario to Keelhaul Key and back whenever he wanted. At the end of the game, Goombella says Admiral Bobbery, Cortez and a few others went to sail the world.

In Battle

Cortez can attack the party with each of his four weapons before attacking himself, thus essentially giving him up to five attacks per turn. He has three forms: his basic first form (pictured), an armless version with a gem encased in his rib cage that serves as a weak point and a mere floating head. In his last form, he can absorb the souls of the Audience to restore his HP, similar to Hooktail and the Shadow Queen.



  • Cortez is clearly named after the famous conquistador Hernan Cortes.