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Corruption (real name: Vincent Blackphox) is an arch-villain appearing in the Extinctioners universe - specifically as one of the primary antagonists of Artic Blue, he is a rogue kitsune who has developed a somewhat vampiric attitude in regards to gathering new tails, which also grant him new abilities when obtained.

Once a member of the Garden alongside his sister, Pain, he was cast out when his plan to corrupt a rival clan's daughter went wrong and resulted in her death - now he and his sister seek revenge on those they believe wronged them and also seek personal gain.

Corruption is especially fascinated by the fact that draining the life-force of hybrids (an in-universe name for beings with superhuman power) grant him the abilities of said hybrid, while also accelerating the rate at which he can grow extra tails.

Like his sister Corruption does not need to drain the life-force of others to survive, nor does he even need to do so to gain new tails - a kitsune will naturally gain extra tails with age: he is simply not willing to wait and would rather drain the life-force of others than wait for his powers to come naturally.

It is worth noting kitsun such as Corruption can only drain the life-force of the opposite sex, this is most likely inspired by the medieval succubus (or in Corruption's case - the incubus).

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