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The Corpse is the antagonist of the Are You Afraid of the Dark? episode "The Tale of the Dead Man's Float".

The zombie can blend in with the pool's water, but its stench of death and decay gave away its presence.

When the school's swimming pool was built, the builders dug up an old cemetery and removed the bodies. Only they somehow missed this one, and now it sought vengeance against anyone who would disturb it. When Charlie Dempster was the pool's lifeguard, the zombie grabbed his girlfriend's little brother and submerged him. Despite Charlie's efforts, he was drowned. After three more victims were drowned, the pool was closed up until 40 years later when it was discovered by science student Zeke and his newfound friend Clorice. The zombie soon began attacking them, but with the help of Charlie (who was now the school janitor) they were able to defeat it when a chemical was thrown at it and reacted with the water it was composed of.

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