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Don't need it!
~ Corporate Commander
The Corporate Commander is a fictional character from the YouTube Channel Angry Joe Show. He serves as Angry Joe's archenemy. He is a satirical representation of game companies, corporations, and capitalism, especially when he wins money from it. The villain also supported the failed movement, SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act), as it would have given him more money and reduced the rights of everyone else.

He is constantly shown rigging games, scamming gamers by tempting them to buy the rigged games, berating Angry Joe for his complaints, constantly trying to kill The Angry Joe show (spoofing Joe's once real state of affairs), and celebrating when a dirty trick of his has earned him money. His evil scams mainly include making horrible movie-licensed games, abusing the right to make downloadable contents and expansions, not beta-testing games in order to find glitches/ignoring the ones he does know about, beating the cash out of Spiderman, and plotting to make more money. He once created a website called, where he peddled bits and pieces of different video games but at outrageous prices, then insults people if they don't buy.

Appearance and personality

Corporate Commander is always dressed in a bland business suit with a red tie, white gloves and a black cape with gold dollar signs. His face is never shown and is always covered by a reflective face mask and a blue helmet with a white stripe. He speaks in a reedy high pitched voice and is usually shouting at the top of his lungs. Corporate Commander is a cold, emotionless dictator who cares for no one but himself and thinks of nothing but his own monetary gain, as he was designed to be a mocking representation of corporate corruption and capitalism. Much like the Pointy-Haired Boss, he is a symbol of several different villains and situations both fictional and in real life. Because of this, he could also be a nod to many different things. He is always willing to fire his own employees, scam his paying customers, and even injure/murder others if it is to his benefit.


  • He is a parody of Cobra Commander.
  • Joe Vargas' room can often be seen in his reflective face mask.

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