Corporal Gunther is a minor villain in the movie Hornets' Nest. He serves as a foil for Captain Friedrich von Hecht.

He was portrayed by Hardy Stuart.

Gunther was a brutish SS corporal who was assigned by Colonel Jannings to keep an eye on Captain von Hecht. He was an expert in radios and von Hecht, despite disliking him, often asked his advice about electronic apparatus. He was also good for handling things von Hecht's regular Wehrmacht troops didn't want to do, such as torturing prisoners, which Gunther did gladly.

When Captain Turner and Aldo broke into von Hecht's headquarters to use the radio and recover the demo gear of Turner's slain men, Gunther overhead them and entered the room. Turner took him by surprise and the two men fought. Turner eventually gained the upper hand and killed Gunther by breaking his neck.