Cornelius Stirk

Cornelius Stirk is a DC comic book villain and an enemy of Batman.


Cornelius Stirk is one of the serial killers in Gotham. He thrives on the chemicals produced by the human body as a reaction to fear. He suffers from a hypothalamic disorder. This allows him to project images from other people’s minds. He uses his ability to torture and kill people, by kidnapping his victim and literally scaring them to death. After he kills them, he eats their hearts out.

Other Media


Stirk appears in the second to last episode of the season 2 of Gotham titled "Wrath of the Villains: A Legion of Horribles". After Edward Nygma attempts to escape Arkham Asylum and fails, he is placed into a cell with the cannibalistic Stirk as punishment, with only a chain binding Stirk keeping him from attacking Nygma and devouring him.

Ethel Peabody checks on them, and Nygma makes a deal with her to go and get Hugo Strange as James Gordon is on his way and he is aware of the monsters that Strange is making in the basement of the asylum. Nygma is later released from the cell, and used to extort information from Bruce Wayne and Lucius Fox on their knowledge of Wayne Enterprises' activities.


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