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One of the more important characters during the Golden Age of the Band of the Hawk was Corkus. He has always been one of the meaner Hawks, arrogant and boastful without a reason to be and cowardly in the face of danger. His own insecurities led him to hate Guts who claimed Bazuso's life instead of him, even though it is doubtful whether or he had any chances against the brutal knight. His jealousy and greed took him to the point where he tried to kill Guts but of course with the help of two other Hawk bandits. Being a snivelling wretch when Guts was admitted to the Hawks thanks to Griffith's ambitions, he only planned to kill Guts honourlessly when he was asleep and even then with the help with three or four others whom he put on the line. Since his pathetic plan was stopped by Casca he never had another chance to hurt Guts but he kept on pettily demeaning him and discouraging at every chance. When the Eclipse arose he voiced the desperation of everyone and died pitiably preferring to believe of all the horrors as a "bad dream".